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How to Use CBD to Crush Your Wellness Goals

Lizzie from Donuts + Down Dog shares her expert advice.

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DONUTS + DOWN DOG | July 18, 2019
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We’re thrilled to have Lizzie from Donuts + Down Dog guest blog for us about her experience with CBD! She has a wealth of knowledge about staying active, finding balance, and how CBD can help manage pain and treat aches and pains. Thanks, Lizzie!

CBD Active Donuts + Down Dog influencerI post about CBD frequently enough on my blog and Instagram that my inbox has become a hub of questions about CBD. Remember when coconut oil was big and we were all jazzed on it but, perhaps, a bit confused about how to use it? CBD is similar. The questions I’ve been getting most frequently are, I know that people love CBD, but how do you use it? What do you use CBD for? What’s the point?


Before we dive in, I discovered CBD a few years ago after getting in a serious car accident. I was in a lot of pain, and my doctor recommended that I try CBD products for pain management. She told me that she had dozens of patients in similar situations who raved about using CBD in their accident recovery and I was totally sold. I liked the idea of using something more natural than prescription painkillers and, being a wellness blogger, was pretty jazzed to test out something I kept hearing so much buzz about. What was this mystery elixir? I picked up some CBD cream (Hi, Charlotte’s Web!) that day. To be honest, the pain from my injuries at that point was almost debilitating and I was very hesitant that CBD worked. I noticed almost immediate relief and have been hooked ever since.

That was about 2.5 years ago, and since then I’ve tried a ton of different products – the good, the bad, and the weird. I’ve interviewed CBD experts on how and why it works, and have also spent many nights staying up way too late doing my own research. In essence – I think CBD is amazing. It’s also an incredible tool to use to help get you closer to your wellness goals! YAS!

In general there are two different ways that you can use CBD – by consuming something that contains CBD or by applying it topically. For people that are new to CBD, don’t like taking pills, or are sensitive to certain textures I suggest water soluble CBD products like OLEO. OLEO powders come in a few different flavors and can easily be mixed in with any beverage. I put a scoop in my morning smoothies. You can also take CBD in pill or tincture (like a concentrated oil) form. It’s totally up to what makes the most sense in your body.

CBD can also be applied topically, similar to a lotion. This is a great option if you have any aches and pains, want to relieve discomfort in a hyper-specific area, or aren’t super comfortable ingesting CBD just yet. My current obsession is the Charlotte’s Web 750 mg Hemp Infused Cream. I started kettlebell training a few weeks ago and this has absolutely saved me from my sore muscles… and bruises from accidentally hitting myself with said kettlebell. I never said I was graceful.

Active CBD Charlotte's Web Oleo

Here are some ways that CBD can help you with your wellness goals:

    Anxiety – I write about this all the time, but I’m a huge believer that mental health is a mega part of your overall wellness! Some studies have shown that CBD can have anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects on users. Anecdotally, I have found that CBD helps a TON with anxiety. When I have to pitch a big project or lead yoga class at a big event and my anxiety is getting in the way of my ability to perform, I will double up the dose that I ingest. As somebody who has struggled with anxiety for a long time, CBD products have helped give me some of my life back. I mean it.

    Sleep – Ingesting CBD helps support the endocannabinoid system, which helps our body regulate sleep, mood, digestion, pain, and more. My husband, Dan, has had terrible insomnia for the last 5+ years. While I can sleep through pretty much anything, he swears by using CBD to help him get a good night sleep. Being well rested = total wellness.

    Pain relief and recovery – According to Healthline, studies on CBD oil and pain management have shown a ton of promise. There is evidence that CBD can be anti-inflammatory, which is a huge help for relieving pain and muscle recovery. I notice that when I use OLEO powder and my Charlotte’s Web 750 mg Hemp Infused Cream after hard workouts I seem to bounce back much quicker the next day, particularly when I’m running on limited sleep.

How to find CBD products that work for you.

    Ask around – Just like @peachinseattle wrote on the Bartell Drugs blog, asking people in your inner circle for CBD recommendations is a great place to start. Ask your friends which products they like, why they like them, and how they use them to get a feel for what you might like. Keep in mind that every human reacts to CBD a bit differently, so you might not experience the exact same sensation as your bestie. It’s really similar to something like coffee – some people love the buzz of drinking espresso and others had the jittery feeling.

    Find a reputable source – A good sign of quality products are ones that have plenty of reviews and testimonials from customers. Please, please don’t order CBD from some random page you found on Instagram. Please! There are so many high-quality products out there, but there are also a lot of people that are chasing the CBD trend and putting out products that you likely wouldn’t really want to use on or in your body. Visiting a drug store like Bartell’s is incredibly helpful, and you have the added benefit of being able to ask pharmacy staff for their recommendations. (Fun fact, my first job was at a pharmacy and I learned SO much from listening to the pharmacists and technicians talk to customers!).

    Keep a journal – Just like taking a vitamin or supplement, you might not notice super immediate results the first time that you use CBD. Anytime that I start incorporating something new into my wellness routine I commit to it for at least two weeks and take notes either in my phone or my physical journal. Doing this helps me notice what benefits, if any, I’m seeing. For example, I noticed that after a few days of using OLEO CBD powder in my smoothies my chronic pain condition symptoms had lessened a ton.

There are a million places to buy CBD online and in-person but, like I said, I highly suggest going somewhere that you can trust. Bartell Drugs has a great CBD section and their staff will happily answer any questions for you. Interrogate away, my friends!

Have you incorporated CBD into your wellness routine? Drop your thoughts and questions below!