Cold Brew Irish Coffee

A delicious spin on the classic Irish Coffee.

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In 1952, Irish Coffee was introduced in the United States by way of the Buena Vista Café in San Francisco. After experiencing the original recipe in the Shannon Airport in Ireland, Buena Vista owner, Jack Koeppler, decided to re-create the delightful drink.

Since then, Irish Coffee has been customized and re-re-created. Sweet, bitter, hot, iced, and every which way in between, this popular beverage has gained many fans over the years.

Since everyone can be a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, enjoy a treat and try out this variation of the Dublin Iced Irish Coffee!

2 oz. mocha flavored cold brew of your choice
2 oz. Guinness® Draught Stout*
1.7 oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey*
Small handful of ice
1/2 oz. heavy cream
Chocolate sprinkles (optional)

1. Pour cold brew, Guinness and Jameson in a glass and stir.
2. Top off glass with ice, leaving a little bit of room for the cream.
3. Pour heavy cream slowly into the glass.
4. Top with chocolate sprinkles (optional).

*All these items are available at your local Bartell’s!

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