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5 Simple Steps for Safe Shopping at Bartell’s

Let's help one another keep our stores clean and safe for happy shopping.

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| July 1, 2020
First article

What a year this has been.

We sincerely hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. And as your locally owned, neighborhood drugstore for the past 131 years, we want you to know we’re here to support our community in every way we can. With that in mind, here are some steps we all can take to make shopping at Bartell Drugs safer for everyone.


5 simple tips shopping at Bartell's during COVID-19 Prepare Shopping List1. Plan ahead. As much as we love seeing you, try making your trips more efficient and less frequent. Creating a running list and stock up (but don’t overstock) on often-used items.

You can also take advantage of these safe, easy and convenient alternatives to making a store trip:
Bartell’s Delivery Service
Shop Bartell’s on Instacart, available in most areas – Currently Available
Amazon Prime Members in most zip codes can shop our store front on Amazon Prime – Currently Available
• Have your Bartell prescriptions delivered!Currently Available
• Buy on line pick up in store option, offered through Instacart – Currently Available

5 simple tips shopping at Bartell's during COVID-19 Wear a Face Mask
2. Cover those beautiful faces. Just as our employees are wearing masks, we’re asking our customers to do the same. If you forgot your mask at home, ask an employee and they can give you a spare.
5 simple tips shopping at Bartell's during COVID-19 Stay 6 feet apart
3. To repeat- six feet! To help support physical distancing, we’ve added floor decals in six-foot increments where necessary. That blue tape just wasn’t a good look for your favorite neighborhood drug store!
5 simple tips shopping at Bartell's during COVID-19 Bags are On Us
4. Bags are on us. Until we know more about transmission, we ask that you leave your reusable shopping bags at home.
5 simple tips shopping at Bartell's during COVID-19 Shop Alone
5. Shop solo when possible. This is a hard thing for a family drug store to say! But for now, shopping alone is safer, faster and more efficient.


1. Practicing rigorous routines around cleaning common and high traffic areas
2. Mandating personal protection equipment (masks and gloves) for our employees
3. Fitting all of our stores with easy to read physical distancing decals for friendly reminders to maintain 6 ft
4. Installing Plexi Glass sneeze guards at pharmacy counters and cashier check stands
5. Frequently cleaning and disinfecting all carts and baskets
6. Now available, touchless payment options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay
6. Optional email-only receipts

Getting through this is truly a team effort, so we thank you for doing your part and we promise to do ours. And from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for allowing us to serve Northwest families (in sickness, health and frequent hand washing) for the past 130 years.