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Health Screening Services

Bartell Drugs offers a wide variety of services to help you manage your health.


  • Blood Glucose Testing - NO CHARGE
  • A1C Diabetic Testing $20 (Reg. $30)


  • Total Cholesterol $5 (Reg. $10)
  • Lipid Panel $15 (Reg. $20)
    (fasting required)


  • Bone Density $15 (Reg. $35)
    receive a free calcium supplement with screening


  • Blood Pressure - FREE





Your Bartell Drugs Pharmacist can help you manage your health year-round. Many of our pharmacies offer health screenings in a convenient setting, by appointment, at a low or no cost to you.

Diabetes Services

  • Blood Glucose Test: (reg. $5)
  • Blood Glucose Meter Teaching: (reg. $15)
  • HbA1C Test: (reg. $30)

Cholesterol Testing

  • Total Cholesterol: (reg. $10)
  • Lipid Panel: (reg. $20) Breakdown of good & bad cholesterol

Osteoporosis Screening

  • Bone Density Test: (regular price $35)


Let us update your vaccinations during your appointment!

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