Guidelines for Giving

Please review the following information before submitting your donation or sponsorship request.

For 120 years, the success of our company has been linked to the vitality of the very communities we do business in as well as our long-standing commitment to supporting those neighborhoods that we serve. Bartells gives extensively throughout the community and while it is our intent to be as supportive as possible, we focus our efforts on a manageable number of activities where our giving will have the most impact for those organizations.

Although most requests for support are very worthy, Bartells is able to support only a small portion of the total number received each year.

Bartells has long standing relationships with the following charitable organizations and annually holds chain-wide events on their behalf. We focus all food, toiletries, school supplies and toy donations exclusively towards these organizations.

City of Hope – Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer
Northwest Harvest – Stock the Pantry food drive
Salvation Army – Toy drive
Seattle Children’s Hospital – Purchase a Miracle
Teddy Bear Patrol – Teddy bear collection for emergency services
Union Gospel Mission
Washington Poison Center – Mr. Yuk poison prevention campaign
World Vision – School supply drive

Our donation guidelines will be helpful in determining the likelihood of Bartells responding favorably to a request for support.

Requests should be mailed to:
Bartell Drugs
Attn: Donations
4025 Delridge Way SW, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98106

1. To be eligible for contributions, organizations are requested to:

  • Benefit the local communities served by Bartell Drugs
  • Support a family or children’s health or educational cause


2. All requests must either be submitted at one of our stores or mailed to Bartell Drugs’ corporate office. Due to the large number of requests we receive, we ask that you do not phone for a donation request.

3. Requests must be made at least eight weeks prior to the event date to be considered. Major sponsorships are budgeted during the previous year and require a minimum of six months advanced planning.

4. Request Procedure:
Prepare a request on your organization’s letterhead and include the following:

  • Date of the event and when the donation must be received
  • A complete description of your request, including purpose and objective
  • Name, address, phone number and/or email address of a contact person
  • A copy of your organization’s non-profit status (recipients must be a 501-3(c)(3) non-profit organization)

Requests should be mailed to:
Bartell Drugs
Attn: Donations
4025 Delridge Way SW, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98106

5. Your organization, event or beneficiary must be located within five miles of one of our store locations or the neighborhoods that we serve.

6. Only one donation per year will be made to any given organization.

7. Ways that Bartell Drugs can help your organization:

  • Fund raising auctions – items for auctions are available for qualifying organizations
  • A one-time generous discount on a purchase of products in our stores
  • Feature your organization’s event in our quarterly customer newsletter, when appropriate


8. Requests for or from the following will not be considered by Bartell Drugs:

  • Any group which is not qualified as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization
    under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code
  • Merchandise from our stores
  • Gift cards or cash contributions
  • Community, school or sports advertising of any kind
  • Gifts for employees or volunteers
  • Third party fundraisers
  • Solicitation of any kind to include leafleting, candy sales, car washes, etc. that is not part of a chain-wide program
  • Event posters, advertising or announcements within our stores that is not part of a company sponsored, chain-wide program
  • Individuals seeking educational grants, contests, pageants or trips
  • Fraternal, veteran, labor, advocacy or religious organizations
  • Sports teams or any sports-related activity or competition
  • Arts or cultural events including theater, music or dance
  • Political campaigns or organizations
  • Organizations which might, in any way, pose a conflict with our corporate goals, products, customers or employees


9. Past support of an organization or event does not guarantee future support.

If your request does not meet Bartells’ guidelines, you will receive notice via mail up to four weeks after submitting your request. We appreciate your patience as we receive dozens of donation requests each week.