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Dr. Vicki Rackner spent many years as a practicing surgeon and UW faculty fighting disease; now she empowers individuals and families to promote their own health and wellness. She's experienced all sides of medicine: as a practitioner, as a family caregiver and as a patient on the receiving end of a life-saving operation. Dr. Vicki is a speaker who's regularly quoted in the national media, and has written several books, including her latest, Caregiving without Regrets.

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I’m not your doctor (and, if you’re a smart patient or caregiver, neither are you). I care about you too much to be your doctor or even offer medical advice. You want the opinion of a doctor who knows your whole story and performs a complete evaluation. I hope to direct you to the right questions. Then you and your doctor can arrive at the answers that work best for you. Smart patients and empowered patient advocates turn to their doctors—and not to their neighbors or friends or favorite Web sites—for their diagnoses and treatment plans.

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